What do you want to know about opening a women’s shoe store

shoes are every one of us to wear, is a necessity of life, but for the beauty of women, sometimes shoes may be decorations! A female shoe should pay attention to what? Said that girl’s good money, and shoes is essential to daily life of consumer goods, therefore, as long as the operation is good, but very open female shoe money, here, take a look at a female shoe you need to pay attention to what


18-30 years old MM like shoes shoes is the main reason to look at style, and then look at the price and brand. Especially the summer shoes, mostly spend 100-350 yuan price, as long as see their love style, reasonable price will buy, from spring to autumn season will at least buy single 4 pairs of leather shoes and sandals. So the shoes must ensure that the new style, cheap. There is no need to spend a lot of money into the first line of the brand goods, fashion shoes are worn only a season.

open the address of the female shoe store can be placed in a good shopping mall such as Hualian, you can rent a storefront in the Commercial Street (women’s street, East Fourth). I choose at the university next to open the shop about 30 square meters, every four days into a cargo, every 3000-5000 yuan, not too much, a little more style. If you really don’t know the words, are free to observe the store BELLE, Daphne, learn from.

a lot of people know that women and children money is well earned, in fact, have mastered the skills will make business easier, this is also the business rule, to observe the shop girl’s foot and foot wear, different types of wearing different shoes do not feel the same, as they recommend really suitable for their feet and shoes suitable for collocation, of course the price should be a bargain.

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