Suitable for young people entrepreneurial projects

suitable for young people to start the project? Many young people want to start a business, but do not know what to do? In fact, young people want to start first to position themselves and the market, according to their own hobbies and proficiency in a particular line choose a suitable road of entrepreneurship. The following are a few suitable for young entrepreneurs project for reference.

is suitable for young people to start a project: Children’s education center

for children’s education investment is more and more big, the time is also more and more early, parents often say, don’t let the children lose at the starting line. The 0 year old appeared on the market education is to meet the needs of parents starting at the age of 0. At present, the industry in the country still belongs to a new industry. Only part of the city to open a few educational centers, but also because of the new industry, people do not know enough about it, and its development potential is huge, broad investment prospects. Mode of operation: independent operation or to take the form of chain stores. Rent 5 to 10 classrooms (or more, depending on the situation) and the 2 caregivers, as well as the 1 cleaners. Monthly salary of 1000 yuan, respectively, $800, $500.

suitable for young entrepreneurs project: gift packaging shop

with the improvement of living standards, we often want to send gifts to relatives and friends, gift packaging has become a new consumer highlights. Pay attention to a decent gift, while in the period is the peak of the gifts, whether personal gifts, gifts or units, if the gift has a good exterior, the giver will look at not only their own satisfaction, and the recipient will be comfortable. So choose a suitable location with one hundred thousand money (schools, residential areas, etc.) rent a store, open a gift store, must make money.

suitable for young entrepreneurs project: baby supplies business

infant supplies market how much? According to the fifth census statistics bulletin published annually, Chinese babies born in 16 million infants aged 0-3 about 69 million, the number of rural infants aged 0-3 exceeded 10 million, equivalent to the total population of australia.

from the market data analysis that infant supplies market will exceed 100 billion yuan per year in the market. A family with only one child, the child is the center of household consumption, and the parents of infants and young children in the selection of clothing, toys and other goods, pay special attention to safety, education and characteristics of the goods, which makes parents to look natural gaze at a baby store or the mall on the counter. As a result, a number of excellent quality, moderate price brand children’s products store operations, will become the mainstream of the future baby supplies market.

suitable for young people to start a project: professional chat bar

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