What are the skills in the process of entrepreneurship shop

no matter what the industry, no matter what kind of business is engaged in, in fact, have skills to learn. Only by mastering more skills can we make our business better. So what are the skills in the process of starting a business?

some entrepreneurs in the business process is not love experiences and skills, some because of lack of time; some because the shopkeeper stopped, he did not worry; there is pure intelligence problem. In order to help this part of the people, Xiao Bian has collected a lot of domestic and foreign classic and practical business start-up process tips, we want to help.

entrepreneurial shop skills first strokes: sensational win

is an American toy factory through market investigation, pay attention to such a phenomenon: Western countries experiencing negative population growth, some people want to express but the baby at; the aging of the population, many elderly people live lonely boring.

to this end, the factory developed a doll named coconut doll. It was conceived in a peculiar way, and it was personified. The baby has the birth of the seal on the buttocks, but also attached to a birth certificate, the registration of the baby’s name, fingerprints and footprints, when the purchase process to be adopted. The rag doll coconut Levin due to meet people’s psychological needs and emotional sustenance, is loved by both children and adults.

entrepreneurial shop skills second strokes: clever idea

a couple of years ago, a young man walked by the lake. He picked up a piece of smooth pebbles, while lovingly playing, while slowly conceived a coup. The young man said, made a nice small wooden box, underneath the straw, and then into the pebbles, and called stone pet.

also comes with a booklet that serves as an advertising role, saying that pet rock is the world’s best playmate, with no noise, no feeding, no need to clean up. It is not as dirty as a dog, every day to take a walk; not as stubborn as the cat, to eat so exquisite. He chose to launch a beautifully packaged pet stone before Christmas, each priced at only $5. As a result, everyone snapped up and soon became one of the most popular gifts.

entrepreneurial shop skills third strokes: kill two birds with one stone

Japan Yokohama Pingcheng catering service operates more than and 30 pubs in Tokyo area. It is in order to be responsible for the customer and the goods sold at the same time, advertising for producers, producers will be clearly marked in dish names and photos in front of the counter and menu approach.

provides farmers with vegetables that are full

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