Zhejiang University three brothers to create idle goods market

a lot of people say China education mode is not out of cultivation of creative students, in fact, you may wish to look at the platform of entrepreneurship, creating countless students there to show their creativity, but also has very many development value.

in recent years in each lattice shop in University City, many people in the shopping when lattice shop buy small things rarely think if the individual unused goods in the shop, lattice display and transaction will bring new business opportunities. Today, the introduction of the entrepreneurial team put the grid shop on the cloud, build a personal idle items trading + social platform. The three entrepreneurs are alumni of the University of Zhejiang, they are Guo Yang, Wu Qiang and Zhang Qi.

"cloud lattice shop" concept was born because of his own on the second-hand idle items attention and enthusiasm. The secondary trading market cohabitation, finds the standard opaque, asymmetric information and other issues so that Guo Yang saw the opportunity to move the market.

when the team for "cloud lattice shop" project to do a thorough market research. In June last year, they graduated in Zhejiang University Forum issued a post on recycled items, received a very strong response within a few days, recycled items will be stacked into a warehouse Guo Yang’s bedroom. In the cloud lattice shop site trial operation, only a month to enter the site’s idle items have been sold almost. The success of market research so that cloud lattice shop project officially hatched. After six months of operations, now has access to the Hangzhou fourteen universities, more than 50 thousand registered users, millions of turnover.

Great success

Wu Qiang while reading the liberal arts majors, but love the computer and the internet. "Although I can’t develop a favorite

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