Female entrepreneurs occupy the main edge of online entrepreneurship venture

now through the network to achieve business people rich and can be said to be at the same time, people meet the eye everywhere, in the new period, methods and Strategies of entrepreneurship is also there have been some changes, including women on the Internet the proportion of entrepreneurs also reached a new height.

startup folder wrapped in a perceptual

"mobile Internet has a feminine trait, you can seize the opportunity?" Wang Yuhao, founder of the search for everyone, the Internet era is the era of experience economy, focusing on user experience, emotional thinking and communication and interaction, which is what women have advantages and characteristics.

timesThere requirements in a product carefully polished, pay more attention to the industrial era for batch manufacturing. Many entrepreneurs believe that the Internet era of entrepreneurship, mixed with emotional appeal.

"you are" Amoy a few back screaming?" Yuan Yue, chairman of the Advisory Committee, said the woman can keenly grasp the emotional appeal, many of the products of female entrepreneurship can watch the bottom of my heart. "There is no place for the story, after all, is cold." Just because of the friend of this sentence, to remember the founder of willow deep feelings and entrepreneurial inspiration, to create a film like the same photo processing products, APP users up to 22 million people. Willow said, at the beginning of the wish is very simple, because the favorite star Leslie Cheung, want to do a link Rong fans of the platform, will be the emotional convergence.

"with feelings of natural products, with a flow." In Wang Yuhao’s view, the Internet era can be born a lot of feelings, let people empathize, even in the heart screamed. There are emotional products, often can be a good word of mouth

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