Suzhou soil shoot two homestead series electric shock Liupai Nanjing no longer follow up

Suzhou and Nanjing, as the two most economically developed areas in Jiangsu, have a lot of similarities in policy. Nanjing property market is facing the instability of the wind direction, the current whether to follow up the relevant policies adopted by Suzhou? Let’s look at specific reports.

recent Nanjing property market direction is uncertain, many people in the industry have been closely concerned with the Nanjing property market similar to Suzhou to predict the trend of the Nanjing market. With the first earth in Suzhou land prices after the shoot, two homestead price is too high and "shock" liupai. In this regard, 24, Nanjing City Land Bureau official said it would not follow up the policy.

it is reported that the evening of May 18th, Suzhou issued "emergency" land prices, for the online listing to sell the land to set the highest offer, to offer more than the highest price, the termination of the land, the bidding result is invalid. The introduction of the policy is because the current land market in Suzhou overheating, Suzhou hopes to curb the overheated market through some means of regulation.

yesterday in the Suzhou land auction, the two by the fierce competition in the pure residential plots because of the auction price is too high and the flow. Among them, the Soviet Union 2016-WG-39 in the 112nd round of the auction, it has reached the highest price limit, the entire auction stay in excess of the price limit of the 113rd round of placards, so the price and the flow. Serial number is

Su 2016-WG-41 plots in the auction to the 109 round, has exceeded the maximum price limit, but still crazy placards to the 120 round, the result is more than the highest price and the flow of.

Nanjing’s real estate market compared with Suzhou in terms of price, land market similarities. 70 big city prices, according to the National Bureau of statistics released just last week, the house price index shows that Nanjing housing prices have been rising for 14 consecutive months of the situation, and Suzhou prices in July from last year has been rising for 11 consecutive months. Land, with the first tier cities property market regulation, Nanjing, Suzhou land market unusually hot. From last year, after the king to shoot the king, the king of various regions of Nanjing has been refreshed.

from the beginning of 2015 so far, the king of Nanjing from the floor price of 16979 yuan per square meter refresh of $45213 per square. In early April, the average price of 13 plots of land auction in Suzhou up to 200%, refresh the city’s "King" record of the 3 districts.

is similar to the property market in Nanjing and Suzhou, but also caused a similar policy regulation. In February 2016, after the central bank, the CBRC issued new loans, Jiangsu Province issued the market interest rate pricing mechanism discipline specific content, in addition to Gaochun, Lishui, Suzhou, Wujiang District, county-level city except Nanjing, Suzhou not to implement new loans.

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