The new investment hot spot infant and maternal industry public bath

baby shop opened more and more people, profits have been divided up, want to share in the mother and child market why so difficult? Don’t worry, Xiaobian teach you a new entrepreneurial choice, that is to open a special baby bath.

1, convenient transportation is very important for the baby bath, it is best to get out of the bathroom to get into the 500 meters. If the traffic is not convenient, it is difficult to win the satisfaction of parents.

2, densely populated, near a large residential area. Relatively speaking, the population is dense, the baby is more, the probability of success after the opening is relatively large.

followed by the bath house reasonable design, decoration.

design, bath house decoration, should comply with the following principles:

1, the use of environmentally friendly, soft materials. For the soft and delicate skin of a baby, it is necessary to use environmental protection, soft and natural materials in the bath room to meet the needs of the baby.

2, temperature control. In the bath room temperature and water temperature must be appropriate, this is a key point for the success of the bathhouse.

3, keep enough bath space. When the baby takes a bath, the space is reserved for 2 to 3 people.

4, easy to operate. For the baby to take a bath is highly appropriate for the operator to give the baby a bath.

5, the use of water. The water in a baby bath must be suitable for baby’s delicate skin. Special attention should be paid to the use of water.

finally is training and personnel of the pre publicity opening. Due to the need for a baby shower skills, skills, before opening, to hire experienced nursing experts on staff training, staff training qualified, to open. In the early stage of the business, the publicity was carried out in advance, and the propaganda and advertising were carried out by the cooperation between the women and children’s hospital. When it reaches a certain size, it can be opened.

now on the market for the baby shower place is relatively small, a baby bath is a fabulous opportunity. Want to open a good baby bath, just above four steps.

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