How to carry out free Supermarket Service

the same kind of service, and some shops are paid, and some shops are free, I am afraid that most consumers will choose the free service shop. Therefore, the supermarket business, in order to attract the attention of customers, we will improve the quality of their services, there is a free service called the project more and more favored by the customers, for example, in the supermarket business, the owner free for the customer to kill the fish, meat, delivery, storage and other special services are can bring great convenience to the customer, and then let the supermarket win more customers. So, how should we carry out such a free service?

free pineapple peel for customers

every year when the pineapple market, I will sell a large number of pineapple, but in the course of the sale, many customers complained that they will not be able to buy back. I would like to peel for free, you can dispense with the customer’s worries. So, I posted a notice in the supermarket: buy pineapple, free peeling! This small move immediately attracted a lot of customers, actually lined up a long queue.

as a result of cutting much, I gradually improve the level of proficiency, customers are taking the favorite pineapple to leave. One day, I would like to cut hundreds of pineapple, although it takes time, but at least let pineapple sales have a climax. As a result of this approach to meet the customer’s psychology, so this year’s Pineapple sales last year was three times, and I also earned a considerable income.

kill fish for free

in order to meet the different needs of customers, and strive to achieve the full range of goods, all kinds of vegetables, fish, meat indispensable. In the past, when customers buy fish, they have to clean up, and some customers are too dirty to buy too dirty. Taking into account the customer’s time is more tense, I hit the banner of free fish, I bought fish here, I clean up the scene, so that customers go home, you can directly under the pot.

With this initiative,

‘s appetite for fish is rising. A customer said: "boss, since you kill fish free, my home to eat more fish, I am most afraid of killing fish." Our supermarket fish sales increased, while the customer’s family happiness index also increased. I did not expect to have such a small move far-reaching significance and impact.

free of charge for customers mince meat

often hear customers reflect the chopping meat strenuous, I also have deep experience, every time to eat dumplings, have to spend a lot of effort. Due to our supermarket butcher, I bought a stuffing mincing machine. Whenever the customer said that the meat is to buy dumplings, I will be free to customers. Many customers have become frequent customers of the supermarket. Not only to buy meat, they also buy other goods, give me publicity, with

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