Project Q & a Zhang Liang spicy how much money

hot and spicy is very much like to eat delicious, Zhang Liang hot and spicy, delicious do not get angry, a lot of friends love to eat, Zhang Liang spicy hot shop business has been good. Many entrepreneurs are asking, how much money Zhang Liang join? Today Xiaobian for everyone to introduce Zhang Liang hot spicy join the project.

Zhang Liang Malatang choose a number of valuable herbs boiled into soup, sophisticated materials, Tommy weixian. In addition to a variety of vegetables   bean products, fungi, algae and other green food with reasonable nutrition, by the healthy vegetarian pet. With spicy but not dry, fresh and not greasy, long hemp flavor, aroma overflowing. Full of hot and spicy special hemp,  , spicy, fresh, fragrant perfect integration!   how much is Zhang Liang hot and spicy? Just 5000 yuan to learn a full set of technology, the top four flavors, the top two categories!


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