Dazhou how to create a new model of intelligent tax services

economic development, the relevant government departments in a timely manner according to the development trend of the times, carry out reform effectively, more in line with the trend of the society, can effectively improve the work efficiency, better service for the masses. Here we specifically look at, how to create a new model of Dazhou, the wisdom of tax services?

is a national tax data sharing. The use of camp changed to increase the data platform, change taxpayers run back and forth, as the national tax coordination office, the successful completion of the city’s 16825 pilot taxpayer land tax data received.

two is a simplified process of online tax. Create "electronic tax bureau", the promotion of the online tax office, replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) since the tax online platform for taxpayers to succeed online invoice test old buy new service 573 times, 292 times online open invoices.

three is fingertip tax innovation services. The new position will take a number of micro, micro interaction of tax service as fingertips, there have been 398 people through the WeChat take-a-number successfully enjoy booking services, the average time of 12.5 minutes waiting for the tax service hall, when the length is only 5.19 minutes, the effective implementation of the tax and tax shifting shunt.

four is fast and effective online counseling. Do a good job classification, sub industry, the scale of the line under the refinement of training at the same time, the city’s own unique increase teacher camp changed to increase online play, the prime time in the city television broadcast a month rolling.

through the above reports we can see that, in the process of economic development, Dazhou to create a new type of intelligent tax service model, adopted a series of initiatives, as long as there are four aspects. The country land tax online tax data sharing, simplifying the process, innovative services, online tutoring fingertip tax is fast and effective, hope these decisions see Zhuo effect in the future.

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