The store will be low rule homophonic regulation

in the name of the shop to a lot of skills and methods, homophonic has always been a very useful skill. However, you can use "homonym" names, but does not mean that the name can lower vulgar. According to the relevant laws and regulations, low rule related stores will be remediation homophonic.

Hubei Province, Wuhan City Administration for Industry and commerce departments ordered some shops for delisting name, but because there is no clearly defined laws stalled. Recently, some shopkeepers also consult the relevant departments, industry and commerce departments ordered to rename the basis of what.

The name

does make people eye-opening, such as "rice drunk Gang", "black Glutinous Rice Balls", "flying hair wire" and "high court" and "Well tea bureau" memorable name. The business sector is responsible for that, too vulgar strange name, has gone beyond the social public moral bottom line, should be ordered to change the name of delisting.

some people think, Chinese words very rich, in order to give customers the impression and blindly to cater to the vulgar name wrong, they are in the city of visual garbage.

but a considerable number of people do not see. Wuchang District, Mr. Deng said, businesses take the name is purely personal preference, for example, the food store named Black Diamond dumplings, there is nothing wrong, on the contrary is also very creative, a bit of a fuss. He believes that as long as it is not obscene words, should be enlightened.

business sector is based on the "People’s Republic of China implementation of the" national language law "approach" the provisions of article seventeenth, Hubei Province: the company name, company name and other public places shall not conform to the norms of the state, by the relevant administrative departments shall be ordered to correct; advertisements do not conform to the provisions, the administrative department for Industry and Commerce shall be ordered to correct or stop publication.

for what is the national standard, the approach is explained: "not the use of traditional Chinese characters and the abolition of the variant words, simplified characters; the use of idioms, words can not be used to abuse homonym". In this regard, experts have their own views. Zhongnan University of Economics and Law sociology professor Guo Haogang believes that Mandarin pronunciation is not simply from a specification language system now, from a historical perspective, this is a language development sequence, evolution.

Guo Haogang pointed out: the original classical dominant language system in Lu Xun’s vernacular is not standardized form right and proper, but until today, today’s mainstream vernacular wencheng. Now the "PK", "VS" and "terrorist", not illegal? He think the problem not only from the point of view now, to enrich and develop the evolution of the language system, these funny language has its own rationality.

harmonics have long been described in language

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