Winning the lottery was adjusted in 50 thousand of the boss cheated only in the middle of the 50

men buy lottery winning 50 thousand yuan, the lottery shop owner lied to him do not understand the Chinese lied in the $50, the man’s winning lottery was adjusted. The man then took the police to go for the lottery, the boss had to take 20 thousand yuan to bribe the police. Finally, under the police’s education will be returned to the owner of the winning lottery.

the lottery, is the dream of many people the good, but the residents of Emin County, Mr. Ye but in winning the lottery after the original is in striking one snag after another, 50 thousand yuan lottery, lottery shop owner was also cat prince, into a 50 yuan. Recently, with the help of the local police, Mr. Ye finally got the winning lottery.

1 16, residents of Emin County, Mr. Ye on the side of the welfare lottery temporary point of sale, the purchase of a 2 yuan lottery prize animal paradise. Scratch lottery, Mr. Ye was stunned, he found himself like the $50 thousand.

up, Mr. Zhang told: "you are wrong, this is not the 50 thousand yuan, 50 yuan." Mr. Ye did not think, took 50 yuan to leave.

alarm, Emin County Public Security Bureau police quickly launched an investigation to the town police station. When asked Zhang, found its evasive, said a lottery can not find, for a while and said the lottery has cashed.

and when the police went to the lottery center when asked, the staff has said that day and no one came to the money exchange. Zhang will be taken to the police law enforcement center further review, through nearly an hour of education, see has been unable to conceal, Zhang actually said to the police: I put the bonus points you 20 thousand yuan, just leave it alone." Police Zhang criticized education.

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