Tobago shredded roast rabbit go with the tide

admitted to college, undergraduate, already being popular today, Dr. MBA EMBA, postdoctoral, popular! Roast Chicken, Roasted Duck, grilled fish, barbecue, already commonplace, is now the focus locked roast rabbit!

Tobago shredded roast rabbit stand Bayu, famous southwest, grow step by step, from the abundant connotation of the beauty of the roasted rabbit brand has gradually become the industry leader and roasted rabbit, trademark registered in the State Trademark Bureau, the flavor of the " the name of champion " rabbit; comes not easy, but it.

Tobago hand roasted rabbit, set the domestic famous barbecue expert long-term innovation practice, comprehensive barbecue, food, and other famous Lo essence of technology, developed a unique secret halogen roast seasoning. Roast the meat smell of scent, articulate fragrant aftertaste.

hand baked rabbit nutrition index is very high, far better than beef and mutton, and easy to absorb, no burden on the body. A delicious and nutritious and other various advantages, gathering thousands of customers, to meet the elderly, pregnant women, children, young people and the beauty of the demand of all people.

is more than 30 thousand square meters of ecological farms, the implementation of the semi open culture environment, drink mountain spring water, eat thousands of grass, the original ecological growth, combined with the original ecology and modernization, makes the meat more beautiful more fresh and more healthy. Chinese master Zhang Zhengxiong as a master of technical guidance, their own 20 years of experience into the perfect rabbit, let it taste more delicious, will continue to enlarge the original flavor of rabbit meat, and play to the extreme.

modern production line, all-round, full flow, all-weather sterilization workshop. Nitrogen vacuum box, lock box packaging, preservation for a long time, put an end to add preservatives, pigments, additives, modified vegetable oil, genetically modified.

without technology and chefs, soup, meat supply headquarters small seasoning and various flavors of rabbit, rabbit, rabbit features miscellaneous belly and other products, stores just cooked noodles and Steamed Rice, 90 seconds to a meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner to meet the customers demand, snack streets, diners will catch turn sets the rate high, small investment, high profit, fast recovery!

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