How to set the price of bathroom products

each household needs to use the bathroom products, and now the market is very good development of the bathroom. Bathroom brand investment can not only make profits, but also enhance their own brand image the best of both worlds. In fact, the product pricing is a great knowledge, reasonable pricing can not only allow you to obtain higher profits, but also to enhance market sales. So, how to set the price of bathroom products? The following is a detailed description of your.

a competitive pricing strategy

bathroom to join, refer to the competitive brand price is the most simple and feasible pricing options, 90% of the goods in the market are competitive. Then it is necessary to compete for the price of goods based on the price of their products and competitive products for the benefit of the comparison, such as brand awareness, appearance characteristics, product performance and service. Bathroom to join, if it is a new product and the market does not compete with the product, then it is necessary to refer to the region where the economic level of the product, consumer preferences and the status of alternative pricing. If a company launched smart toilet products, he will not only reference to the market price of similar intelligent toilet, but also need to combine their own brand positioning, the non intelligent toilet price, and according to the product function and give consumers value pricing, but will consider the brand of the same type of product price level. This will not only ensure that the sales volume, and can guarantee profits.

two, value oriented pricing strategy

so-called value oriented pricing strategy is based on the brand bathroom products can create value for the customer or the customer thinks that the value of the goods to the price. Bathroom to join, not the traditional commonly used after deducting cost plus profit or a complete reference to competitors pricing method, the former pricing method can not only make the brand side to make more money, customers are more willing to accept. Bathroom products from the design, process, origin and historical origin to find the value of support points, only to highlight the value of bathroom products, in order to get much higher than the market average profit margin. For example, Mercedes Benz, Rolls-Royce, etc., in fact, their price is much higher than the cost. Even so, the product sales will not only improve, but will fall. Because people who buy this kind of car pay attention to the identity of the owner, the value of the car.

three, the implementation of differential pricing strategy

in order not to lose customers, sanitary enterprises should adopt differentiated pricing strategy. For example, some bathroom brand will depend on the value of different products, launched different series, respectively, occupy different price range, the service of different grades of consumer groups, not only to gain more profits, but also not the loss of customers, sanitary join, differential pricing can make enterprise more profits and enhance the market share.

four, the use of fuzzy pricing strategy

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