What do poineering garden to earn a holiday

now a lot of friends have plans to start a business, but do not want to do. When we are confused, we can listen to other people’s entrepreneurial story, this may give us some inspiration. Do poineering work? Wang Zhiqiang open Holiday Garden, to achieve their wealth dream.

did not work, entrepreneurship has failed, he had to rely on the meager self occupation subsistence allowance. In order to save money, he’s often to the suburbs home run, because parents home half an acre plot, because now the grain does not make money, so has been abandoned, and he is engaged in agricultural origin, so on the land planted with vegetables.

in order to give you good service, Wang Zhiqiang also increased the compensation for care, irrigation and fertilization and sell seeds all in one service. In so doing, there is a net profit of 50 thousand yuan his annual income than to work through several times, and do not have to worry about, can be said to boon.


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