Qiao recalled drink details

to say what kind of join the project to convince you? Such a dedicated dedication to the life of tea entrepreneurs are not qualified enough to convince you to be an ally? How is the male only then drinks recalls thinking invented by Sir, he was born in the tea atmosphere, there are many unique views on tea, from the beginning of 90s, Mr. Xiong erudite exhausted their all wisdom, to create a good quality like a cup of tea, and ultimately create a quality like a good drink! Join the brand what


Qiao recalled drink details?

products rich and varied. After years of development, now the company’s R & D products have reached more than 100 kinds, to meet the public’s huge demand for drinks. Qiao recalled drinks have their own insistence, good quality to win the trust of consumers, consumers get consistent good evaluation!

join money fast. This is a very simple project to join, only a few people have a 10 square meters of shops, as long as the store open in crowded places can get many loyal consumers with strong brand influence! The franchisee can copy other store business model, and the success rate is very high, the short term can quickly return to the money.

one to one guidance. Qiao recalls thinking for drinks products very seriously, so it has management experience at the company headquarters will send the supervisor to help the franchisee to solve the problems encountered in the process of management, improve the management level of the restaurant more.

strong logistics distribution. Company to ensure that all the stores are the same taste, the company to all the stores are the same materials, production methods are the same, to ensure the quality of products. Franchisees do not have to worry about raw materials.

through the introduction of small series, we have a very clear understanding of the drink with a drink! This is a very promising drinks to join the brand!

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