Honey ten brands list

as a kind of not expensive, at the same time nutrient rich, delicious drink, honey has a very high popularity. Perhaps it is precisely because the market demand, so that the market was born a lot of brands. Honey at room temperature, atmospheric pressure, with two different physical state, that is, liquid and crystalline state (whether honey is stored in the nest hole or isolated from the nest room).

liquid honey is the honey from the honeycomb separation and always maintain a transparent or translucent viscous liquid. However, most varieties of honey for a period of time, especially in the low temperature, the formation of a crystalline state, so that honey is known as crystalline honey. Following along with the small series to see the top ten honey brands list.

honey ten brands list: NO.1 Wang Wang’s (founded in 1985, Jiangxi province famous brand, Jiangxi famous brand, the bee breeding / bee products processing industry, Jiangxi Wang bee Garden Co. Ltd.)

honey ten brands list: NO.2 flowers brand (founded in 1919, the Chinese time-honored, industry standard drafting unit of bee products, pollen ten brands, Beijing Baihua apiculture technology Development Corporation)

honey ten brands list: NO.3 Guanshengyuan bee products (Guanshengyuan’s representative in the selection of natural products, mature honey by five layers of filter and refined, honey ten brands, Shanghai Guanshengyuan Bee Products Co., Ltd.)

honey ten brands list NO.4: Laoshan Laoshan (one of the drafting unit of the mandatory standards of honey, agricultural industrialization of well-known enterprises, the leading producer of bee products, Nanjing Laoshan pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd)

honey ten brands list: NO.5 (Yiyuan in bee products research and development / production / sales of high-tech enterprise, Beijing famous trademark, belonging to the Oriental giant group, yishouyuan (Beijing) Bee Products Co. Ltd.)

honey ten brands list: NO.6 fengzhiyu (Zhejiang province famous brand products, high-tech enterprises, production / research / tourism integrated bee products processing base, Hangzhou fengzhiyu bee industry Limited by Share Ltd)

honey ten brands list: NO.7 MINGYUAN (Hunan brand, Ming Garden Bee products industry leading brands, high-tech enterprises, beekeeping production / research / bee products processing and sales, Hunan Mingyuan apiculture Co. Ltd)

honey of the ten major brands of NO.8: (founded in 1924, well-known trademarks in China, the old Chinese name, scientific research / production / Marketing

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