Chocolate ten brands list the whole

chocolate as a casual snack, has been a lot of people’s favorite, especially it has a special meaning, which is very popular in the market, but also the birth of this market a lot of big brands. Here, the small series to introduce you to the top ten brands of chocolate, if you have this demand, you can choose a larger brand reputation.

chocolate ten brands list NO.1, Dove:

Mars foods (Chinese) Ltd is an American Mars owned enterprises, production of Dove chocolate, such as Snickers candy series, China has 20 years of history, loved by consumers.

chocolate ten brands list:

NO.2, Kinde

Kinde COFCO food (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd., founded in 1990, is committed to provide consumers with high quality, delicious food. All along, Kinde constantly put great resources for product development. At present, the company in addition to Kinde classic chocolate products, also introduced a rich chocolate candy series products are the main products of the company Kinde Kinde, in Chinese market has high visibility, market share ranks second in the country.

chocolate ten brands list NO.3, Xu Fuji:

Xu Fuji is from Taiwan Xu’s brother – who had created respectively in Taiwan business Xu Kee Food, food, food, Xu Fuji Encore chobin food and other well-known brands, known as "twenty years of a gilded signboard. Registered in 1992 founded the Dongguan xufuji Food Co. Ltd. in Guangdong province Dongguan city China". In 2006 Xu China has 56 sales offices, retail point of sale terminal more than 13000 direct control, Chinese become the largest candy brand and one of the sugar enterprises.

chocolate ten brands list NO.4, Nestle:

Nestle, by Henry? Neste (Henri Nestle) founded in 1867, headquartered in Switzerland Geneva Lake Vevey (Vevey), is the world’s largest food manufacturers. Nestle, which has a history of 138 years, originated in Switzerland and started to produce baby food. In 2005, Nestle in the world has more than and 500 factories, 250 thousand employees, annual sales of up to 91 billion Swiss francs.

chocolate ten brands list NO.5, SWISS THINS:

SWISS THINS (Lindt & Sprü ngli) is a Swiss chocolate and confectionery company in 1845 by David Sprü

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