How to apply for college graduates’ loan

now college students, personality is fully unfolded, so when they step into the society, often was not satisfied with the work, everyone wants to go on the road of entrepreneurship, but no money, so the university graduates loans has become a very common phenomenon today, but many people are on this process did not familiar with, so the university graduates entrepreneurship loan is how to apply?

1, priority loan support, appropriate credit loans. Increase the support of college graduates to start their own business loans, for the provision of effective assets (quality) pledge or guarantee high-quality customers, financial institutions give priority to credit support.

entrepreneurship of college graduates by college graduates for loans, the borrower, guarantor can provide joint guarantee from the corresponding steady income of their family or relatives of family members or effective assets. For a good credit, repayment guaranteed, based on the risk control of the appropriate payment of credit loans.

2, simplify loan procedures. By simplifying the loan procedures, a reasonable determination of the amount of credit loans, turnover within a certain period of time. 3, interest rate concessions. Given a certain preferential interest rate loans to support entrepreneurship, depending on the loan risk is different, in the statutory lending rates may be based on appropriate downward float or less floating.  

reminder: in the Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Rong Construction Bank, Minsheng Bank, CITIC Bank and other bank stakeholders have said that the bank is currently not offered students independent venture loans in this business, this embarrassing situation is mainly due to the high risk of such loans. CITIC Industrial Bank Fuzhou branch office official said, the bank in the pursuit of capital gains, liquidity, but also to consider its security.

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