Shop location the key to the success of the eight steps

entrepreneurs if you open a clothing store or join a clothing store in the early stages must meet a lot of conditions, which is to protect the store in the latter stage of operation and efficiency of the preparation. Here’s how to meet these basic requirements.

A. new store development plan


B. market information collection

to in an area to develop new stores, detailed understanding of the regional market information. Including population (population, age, gender, residential population distribution); employment (employment population quantity, category, to store the convenience, the main office building of fixed and floating population; () shopping area, Business Hours, major customer); entertainment (location, usage, age, appearance and Business Hours); (the total number of passengers, passenger transport station number); competitors (position, advantages and disadvantages, the relative estimate of its turnover); plan and government regulations (limited construction, future plans, the road changes); dynamic business (economic growth rate, unemployment rate, new engineering etc.). The most important concept in the collection of market information. Consumption refers to the new location as the center, to a certain distance around the designated radius for the sales area.

C. site evaluation

location evaluation is the appraisal of a place or several specific properties of a site with other sites within the district to assess the results of.

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