Wuning county to do a good job in the work of secured loans

has a lot of entrepreneurial ideas, but want to make this idea become a reality, it is necessary to have the funds as a support, which involves the government’s entrepreneurial guarantee loans. Venture guarantee loans, is an important means of employment services sector to support entrepreneurship, promote entrepreneurship. Jiangxi province Wuning County Labor Employment Management Bureau actively to start with a good loan policy, steadily promote the county to carry out management work.

pre loan work to do a good job. Since this year, Wuning County Labor Employment Management Bureau has organized the cadres to the self-employed, enterprises carry out in-depth investigation, to fully understand the self-employed, enterprises and other entrepreneurial entities in terms of capital requirements, to fully assess the work of loans. At the same time, but also through entrepreneurship training, employment and unemployment permits for business, to effectively understand the needs of the masses of entrepreneurial capital. In addition, but also actively organize cadres, the use of Township Employment Service Platform for the entrepreneurial loan guarantee policy advocacy.

to improve the quality of small loan service. Summing up the experience of previous years, the development of a secured loan business, the development of a more scientific, more focused on the service system, improve service standards. In the promotion of service, adhere to do internal strength, organizational cadres to participate in various types of business training, to encourage independent learning activities, and constantly improve their business ability. Establish a good service linkage mechanism, explore the joint office with financial institutions, do a good job in the construction of the loan guarantee information system, and strive to improve service efficiency, so that the people are more comfortable.

to strengthen supervision after inspection. On the one hand, do a good job in the basic accounting work, regular combing paper accounts, timely entry of electronic information, to ensure the consistency of the paper ledger and electronic accounting information, the information is inconsistent with the key verification. On the other hand, the organization cadres applicant operates to carry out on-the-spot investigations to accurately grasp the situation of production management way, to use scientific assessment of loans, loan recovery rate, to ensure that the loans are able to timely recovery, to achieve healthy development.

although the government now provides a very favorable entrepreneurial loan guarantee policy for entrepreneurs, however, in the course of the work carried out, in fact, there are more attention should be paid attention to. Therefore, well before, during and after the business loan guarantee services Wuning County Employment Bureau, beneficial to promoting the development of business in the first half of this year, the amount of payment can be greatly improved compared to last year, a new record high.

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