To create a small bar to pay attention to what

with the increasingly rich spiritual and cultural life, the bar is becoming more and more consumer entertainment, want to have a small bar of their own? Would you like to sit in front of the bar like a legend in the movie, twisting the bottleneck and occasionally pretending to be deep? Just want a place for licking their wounds? Or just need one: "can let others know, remember their place?" I think you need a small family bar, may only be in your room more than a piece of furniture, but can create a self shelter for you, it is a part of the home, but can make you far away from home, which means you know! To create a small bar to pay attention to what? May wish to come together to understand.

How to choose the

bar in the basement or floor space, indoor or outdoor, according to the different material, also should be changed, according to the temperature, hardness, and acceptance of the different final choice direction.

With the growing popularity of


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