Shenzhen peacock agency rejected by clearance

entrepreneurs in the business, the pressure is also facing a series of huge. Recently, a business in Shenzhen because the rent case is cleared, the specific situation is?

4 month 22 days, because the rent arrears, Shenzhen area is the largest area of incubator "the oldest peacock institutions" Wuguan companies out of more than and 60 entrepreneurial team was forced to withdraw. Reporter yesterday from the China alliance to coffee business news, a number of business space in Shenzhen stretch their helping hands to the entrepreneurial team, is willing to provide free "station" given the need for the entrepreneurial team. Since the beginning of 2016, the ground to the library after the collapse of the entrepreneurial space, Shenzhen have been due to various reasons for the closure of the incubator. According to industry analysts, the number of public space in a year soared 10 times, has been oversupply, excess public space to create their own business needs to adjust the profit model.

old incubator rent arrears were cleared

4 22, located in the Nanshan District Science Park Sinovac B 4 building 14 floor of the public record space "peacock institutions" Wuguan clearance demolition, within the space of more than and 60 entrepreneurial team was asked to 23 days of withdrawal, time is hasty. According to the Shenzhen Center Property Management Limited company said, "the peacock agency since last November has rent arrears, starting from February this year has been 3 consecutive months in arrears of rent and management fees totaled more than 500 thousand yuan, the two sides had several rounds of communication, but has not been properly resolved. Based on this, the central Wuguan on April 5 to the peacock agency issued a formal notice of termination of the contract."

for the problem of arrears of rent, peacock agency Chen Pengfu admitted that a total of 500 thousand yuan in arrears rent.

it is understood that the peacock institutions as the first batch of business incubators in Shenzhen, as early as 2010, it has 22 alliance enterprises, because of its central area of about 4000 square meters of space is known as the largest incubator in Shenzhen. According to the official website, which was founded in 2010. In 2013, China Academy of Sciences, Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology, Shenzhen Decoration Group, Tsinghua 10000 Women program, Shenzhen University Alumni Association, Shenzhen University business park, Shenzhen city youth international trade promotion will jointly support the relevant institutions of the enterprises, set up the platform of the peacock agency.

public space provides more than 3 thousand free workstation

peacock agency event has received the attention of the industry and multisectoral. Reporters yesterday through the Nanshan District science and Technology Innovation Service Center learned that after the incident, how the more than and 60 entrepreneurial team to become one of the focus of this week’s work. China started the first time since the start of the use of coffee alliance media launched the peacock agency entrepreneurial team caring action initiative.

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