Hunan six female students to attend the guidance report on the creation of female college students

to enhance the status of women in the community, the need to tap the value of women in the family outside the family, to encourage female college students is a powerful means of entrepreneurship. Organized by Hunan, I start my beautiful female college students entrepreneurship guidance report, publicity women entrepreneurship.

to encourage female college students actively join the tide of innovation and entrepreneurship, promote the whole society to form a good atmosphere of care, support innovation and Entrepreneurship of female college students in the afternoon of December 4th, jointly organized by the Yueyang Municipal Women’s Federation, Yueyang City Bureau of education and sports, Hunan Institute of Science and Technology hosted the "I venture   my beautiful female entrepreneurship guidance tour report in Hunan Institute of Science and Technology at. Yueyang Municipal Committee, vice mayor Tang Daoming attended and addressed the opening ceremony of the president of Hunan Institute of Science and Technology, Yu San.

Fenghuang Village District of Yueyang City, Qu Yuan Village


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