Understand the pricing skills to open a restaurant chain easier

open restaurant chain stores have a lot of skills, food and beverage chain restaurant pricing method is very critical, reasonable pricing allows you to make more money, but also will not allow customers to feel your vegetables unreasonable. So, what are the food chain restaurant pricing methods? Let’s take a look.


Chengdu home called "fishing every day, the large chain restaurant chain, Monday, sell one yuan a pound of shrimp, Tuesday to sell two yuan a pound on Wednesday, three yuan a catty, and so on. We all know that shrimp to 20 yuan a pound, a few yuan price to make diners really see the benefits, so high enough to reach the purpose of.

"face cooked food, everyone can say a few, such as Fish-Flavored Shredded Pork, Kung Pao Chicken and so on, so the food price must be set too low, especially in the low-end route go affordable restaurant chain, the best at the lowest price in the city, so that the guests will leave the first impression of the restaurant the cheap food". For example, Fish-Flavored Shredded Pork, general restaurant chain of more than 10 yuan, and your restaurant for 8 yuan, and the price of a roadside shop, but your food from the product phase, quality, weight, taste, of course is not more than the roadside shop. So the guests came to the store, eat once you will find your store cheap and delicious food.

Ji’nan is a chain restaurant is still open, but every desk over Taiwan in three or four times. Because the chain restaurant in the area, so the kitchen began to focus on the chain restaurant in the middle and low home cooking. Middle and low home cooked food generally low profits, how to effectively increase the profit margins? Their approach is to look at the "specialty". Store specialty, the guests are generally not uncommon, the price must be set high, such as the average chain restaurant in the gross profit margin of 40%, this dish can be set in the gross profit of 50%, the guests generally do not feel. For example, large yellow croaker, cost more than 10 yuan, I will give it set at $38. Of course, this also has a comparison, if the dish to get the Dalian lock restaurant to sell, will certainly be much higher than the price. The dish is now selling at their store.

will dishes with high prices, so as to obtain relatively.

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