Ximeng will continue to further promote the management policy

2016 innovation and entrepreneurship policy also need to go deeper into the masses, to help more entrepreneurs eager to better realize the entrepreneurial dream. 2016 Ximeng will continue to further promote public entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship to provide better platform for more people.

2016, Ximeng throughout the community sector will be combined with the implementation of "Inner Mongolia entrepreneurial action", and vigorously promote the construction of "entrepreneurial Gol". In accordance with the requirements of low-cost, convenience, all elements, open, local conditions, and actively explore the environment of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Internet environment.

mature in reference to domestic garage coffee, business headquarters, entrepreneurship salon, entrepreneurial workshops, entrepreneurship training camp practices such as basis, take cooperative construction, entrusted management, business park (base), set up a business association incubation, years of each county at least built more than 1 with local characteristics, in line with business needs of the public record space, space to provide a good working space for entrepreneurs, network space, social space, the space of financing and resource sharing.

2016, Ximeng Bureau of human resources and strive to build more than 5 prominent features, complete functions, strong bearing capacity, high degree of fit with local industries, entrepreneurial and business incubator Park demonstration and driving effect; to build more than 2 sets of training and guidance, project incubator docking, financing and other services as one of the autonomous region demonstration park and business incubator.

to bring public innovation, promote economic development better, create entrepreneurship were recommended

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