Taizhou to build a team of entrepreneurs gathered hummingbird plan

China’s current youth employment pressure, want to start a business but also encountered many problems. In order to help young people to achieve career dreams, the Taizhou Youth League launched "hummingbird Green Plan" service, the majority of young entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship project landing free.

"8 of us have the same interests, is the municipal Party committee" matchmaker "to us together." Zhang Wei, a student at the Nanjing Normal University in Taizhou, is now the owner of an advertising design company, and 7 of his other partners are college students from Taizhou’s universities in the city of, in the city of Jiangsu. The company has a turnover of about 200000 yuan for a period of 5 months.

as yet out of the ivory tower of entrepreneurship students, it is not an easy thing, even the basic company registered at first let them scorched by the flames. In the middle of this year, the Taizhou municipal Party Committee launched a hummingbird youth entrepreneurship program, intended to through the establishment of a "space station – station – hummingbird hummingbird hummingbird shop E," "Three – Four" system, build business incubator carrier Taizhou region coverage, chain type connection, creating youth entrepreneurship ecosystem, growth for the project the initial platform.

"three order four" platform by qualified team operation background. Gaogang District Station Manager Yan Jun ruentex hummingbird rely on electricity providers started to operate 3 Tmall shop. However, his electricity supplier team is often faced with less than people, people can not afford to stay in trouble. "The best way to keep employees is to let them be the boss." Yan Jun told reporters that this is the reason for his transformation of the service to create a cause of youth entrepreneurship space.

"hummingbird is small, One aims for the far-off future." Xu Xiao, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of china. Build a platform recommended since Hummingbird

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