Leisure clothing store investment should pay attention to what

casual clothing is a lot of friends need to pay attention to, and now many friends want to open a casual clothing store, then, open a store like this, what should we pay attention to? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

China’s casual wear industry started late, but the growth rate is very fast, the growth rate has been ranked first in the apparel industry, and in recent years, the formation of leisure brand clothing store boom. According to the characteristics of casual wear industry, leisure clothing is very focused on the consumer’s personality and culture. Enterprises bigger, to a new level, the only way to start the business, has been unable to do. Leisure brand clothing franchise brand marketing, and not only limited to positioning, advertising, publicity and other aspects, should be regarded as a brand of a virtuous operation of the value chain.

so, how to start from now on, the brand has more power in the future of the brand, brand competition, gain the initiative? Only one: "to consumers as the core brand value chain". This is the fundamental solution to the brand power.

why do customers buy our clothes? Is the style, fabric, craft?. In the era of beyond the demand for food and clothing, consumers are more concerned about the clothing brand can reflect his value, his outlook on life, and even his mood at that time. This is the most real consumer psychology of clothing.

some international brand core value is very clear. For example, Chanel, the core proposition is the classic legend. Every woman in Chanel can always find something suitable for their own, in Europe and the United States in the upper reaches of the female society, a word: "when you can not find the right clothes, wear a suit of Chanel." In contrast, we are now a lot of casual wear brand, a few can tell the core value of their own brand of it?

above is about casual clothing store investment need to pay attention to matters, I hope you will be a lot of attention. Only the importance of consumer research, the consumer motivation, consumption patterns and consumer behavior, organically combined with the leisure clothing brand franchise brand culture, brand competitiveness can really form a unique brand in the future, seeking the right age stage has its own wonderful.

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