Sports drinks ten brands list

after the movement in the case of water down a bottle of beverage, which has become the choice of many people. Because of such a demand, will make the current market of sports drink brand a lot, below, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major sports drink brand ranking selection, so as to meet the needs of more people to.

sports drinks ten brands list, Red Bull NO.1 RedBull:1966 from Thailand, the global leading brand of energy drink, the state trademark protection, large multinational beverage group, Red Bull vitamin drink Co. ltd..

sports drinks ten brands list NO.2, Gatorade Gatorade: started in 1960, Pepsi Co owned brands, Fortune 500, one of the most valuable brands in the United States, PepsiCo (China) Investment Co., ltd..

sports drinks ten brands list: NO.3, Jianlibao was born in 1984, the state trademark protection, designated Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games sports drinks, sports drinks, ten brands, Guangdong Jianlibao Beverage Co. ltd..

sports drinks ten brands list, NO.4 pulse: famous sports drink brand, pioneer vitamin drinks, Fortune 500 companies, a member of Danone Group, Lebaishi (Guangdong) Food & Beverage co..

sports drinks ten brands NO.5, screaming: farmer spring’s brand, the Chinese beverage industry leader, China aerospace industry partners, China’s top 500 private, farmers spring Limited by Share Ltd.

sports drinks ten brands list NO.6, Pocari: started in 1980 in Japan, is committed to the mineral beverage products R & D and production enterprises, the ten major sports beverage brands (China) Otsuka investment company limited.

sports drinks ten brands list NO.7, super dimensional body: Ten sports drink brand, in 1984 Japan, large multinational corporations in many fields of the internationalization of business / varieties / (China), Suntory investment limited.

sports drinks ten brands list NO.8, day to fill up: Sino foreign joint venture of large-scale food and beverage production enterprises, Shanghai City, Shanghai City, the famous brand, the day to drink up (Shanghai) Co., ltd..

sports drinks ten brands list NO.9, Kai Li: Wahaha’s brand, sports drinks, the top brands, one of the largest domestic food and beverage development and production enterprises, Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., ltd..

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