How to do a good job in the clothing store customers

to do the service industry, the customer is God, the quality of service will directly affect the operation of the store. Do the sales of clothing stores, all activities are carried out around the customer. Want to do a good job in clothing sales business, we must understand the needs of customers. So how to do a good job in the clothing store customer management? Look at the following analysis:

1, clothing stores should pay attention to customer database management

(1) understanding customer

customers are those who can affect the company’s profitability, it is a large and multi-level group. The customer is the end customer, the user. For clothing stores, if you can not meet the buyer, you can not succeed.

(2) to establish customer files

will be identified by the customer to build a file, and input to the database. The main content of the customer database, mainly refers to the customer related information.

2, clothing stores to investigate the customer

know the customer, understand the customer is a special thing. A positive to expand the market share of the store, the following problems must be understood through a variety of methods and ways: what are the needs and expectations of the customer? Is the most important to customers, what these needs and expectations? These needs and hope that you can meet many competitors? Meet? Implement customer series, which is a a complex management method is simple and effective. Specific operation, you can use two different methods. (1) organize customer according to customer’s attitude towards product. (2) organize the customer according to the customer’s purchase amount. The so-called customer series, is to train our loyal customers and the first user, or a class a customer. A high degree of customer serialization, indicating that the store image is good, there is a very good customer groups or with a class of customers to maintain close ties, but also to attract customers to brand, no brand loyalty customers.

3, clothing stores should attach importance to customer management methods

for customer management, the need to adopt scientific management methods, mainly patrol management and relationship management.

(1) implementation of customer inspection management

customer management, must understand the customer, understand the customer is a practical way to implement the patrol management. Patrol management is the depth of the scene, the tour between the customer, the essence is to listen to the views of customers, to maintain contact with customers.

(2) relationship management


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