Open charging electric vehicle charging station money no way

is a high standard of living, more and more convenient transportation, go out riding the electric car, so the electric vehicle charging station business is hot, many novice entrepreneurs are targeting this wealth heights, have to understand the project market analysis.

the electric vehicle charging station is designed for electric car owners, for convenient service facilities, shopping malls, kiosks, residential, electric vehicle maintenance department, maintenance department of the battery. As long as the user to charge the electric vehicle charging device, you can quickly charge the electric car.

product features

1. covers an area of small, low operating costs.

2. intelligent charging, applicable models.

Analysis of


A wall hanging type electric vehicle

investment tips

1. charging station as a subsidiary of electric bicycle industry, the development of space depends on the size of a city and its electric car ownership, investors need to pay attention to the location of their own.

2. traffic is the place where the charging station is an excellent place to put the operator can be recommended in a large shopping center

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