The name of the store three notes

is a suitable name for the development of the shop is very important, therefore, if a shop to get better development, we need to store natural take an appropriate name. Because of this, a shop name is extremely important to be able to express, to be able to let people heart, the most important thing is to let people can remember a glance.

is a good name to store the image can reveal their own shop taste, increase the attractiveness to households in the shop. Do you have this experience: when you eat a meal at noon, wandering in the building, found a row of stores, you think they sell are similar, but there is a shop name suddenly attracted to you, then you walked in.

if this happens to be cost-effective, the boss and friendly, they will also visit other stores, and here are all resolved on the good. We have to play such a name to it, therefore, must consider their own name.

, a good name to make the guest feel special, and not just you feel special.

this is more critical, means that you should try to figure out a lot of buyers in the shop before the psychological, including the previous analysis of the target population, their personality, preferences, etc.. For example, your target population is a group of famous brand clothing, glamorous, sexy fashion of urban white-collar workers, then you can’t name up nationalization, classical.

than your target population is 80 or 90, they advocate youth fashion, individuality, name emphasis on casual, fashion and personality. So the name must seize the customer psychology, arouse their attention.

two, do not be too vulgar, not too complicated.

a lot of stores do not bother to think about what the special name of the mind, on what the casual XX clothing store, or simply what the boss called what name, but it will not have to mention the role of light. Some stores because of the deliberate pursuit of special, and to take the overkill is too complicated, uncommon name, is not easy to remember because it will make people ignore.

three. Have a nice sign.

good horse should also be equipped with a good saddle, good name to be accompanied by a good sign will be more conspicuous. Whether it is this, the sign on the top of the shop or a single brand, are the more prominent the better, the specific size, color, fonts are need to be carefully studied and discussed. Love is the foreign town shop, all in the eaves below the lifting block of wood sign, writing above the shop name, let people have a special feeling, worth learning.

shop is very important, but it is not good to do

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