How to carry out medical poverty alleviation in Bazhong

in life, we can often see, a lot of poor people, because they do not have enough economic. Therefore, after suffering from illness, can only endure the pain or death! So, how to carry out medical poverty relief work in Bazhong? Effective to help the poor to see a doctor?

1-5 months, the city has a total free poor general medical expenses, hospital consultation fee of 25 thousand and 600 passengers 11 thousand passengers; free for the poor implementation of cataract surgery in 212 cases, for patients with Kashin Beck disease free for 200 people; 211 AIDS patients for antiviral therapy, 10890 cases of pregnant women and mothers of AIDS, syphilis and hepatitis B maternal block service, provide the childbirth subsidy for 7842 rural pregnant women.

rapid economic development, although there are many places have achieved greater results. However, there are still a lot of backward areas, economic development can not keep up, people’s living standards are poor, sick no money to see a doctor. Bazhong municipal government timely introduction of relevant policies, effectively alleviate the disease without seeing the doctor!

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