What are the working class entrepreneurs misunderstanding

now the scope of entrepreneurs gradually increased, many entrepreneurs are also some of the college students and wage earners, for office workers, they will be how to start it? What are the disadvantages of their business?

venture error 1, many wage earners want to step in to become the enterprise owner, the boss.

venture error 2, blind resigned as a free occupation.

The first

3, more investment mistakes do not blindly think of themselves as entrepreneurs to invest.


5, 60 thousand dollars to do business investment, blind to the money thrown out, want to do investment entrepreneurs, is at best a speculator. No one has 5, 60 thousand to buy stocks to buy rather than sell, which is called stocks. Buy and speculation this is called speculators, not to buy the so-called investment entrepreneurs. Immature, not so much capital, vision is not enough to become investment entrepreneurs. You really have a lot of money to buy a blue chip stock in there, every year by the end of the company’s stock dividends, allotment, you feel better than bank deposits. This is called investment entrepreneurs quadrant.

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