Ray Hill 4 entrepreneurs selected as the top leaders of the ten candidates

ten entrepreneurial leaders bring positive energy out, I believe in such a warm atmosphere under the deposit, can inspire more entrepreneurial passion. To be sure of leading entrepreneurs, will create greater value.

in "public entrepreneurship, innovation" as the theme of the lead. The day before, Guizhou Province County Supervision Bureau and other departments through the publicity and guidance, selection of 4 entrepreneurs selected the first Qiandongnan "ten big business leader   candidates.

General manager

General manager

General manager

, for publicity and recognition of outstanding contribution for the reform and opening up and modernization, embodies the spirit of the times the typical business figures. As advertised, further emancipate the mind, innovation driven, to promote county to achieve sound and rapid development, make new and greater contributions to the realization of a new leap in Fumin County target.


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