Taizhou college students can retain the school suspended Entrepreneurship


regions in order to further encourage students’ entrepreneurial activities, have launched some good social policy, including college students entrepreneurship can keep their status, recently launched in Taizhou on such measures.

the release of "opinions" will be a one-time business start-up grants and social security subsidies merged into a one-time business social security subsidies.

specific criteria for subsidies, focus groups (college students and graduates of 5 years of college graduates, with business registration and registration more than half of unemployed personnel, employment difficult personnel, veterans, disabled card town) founder of individual industrial and commercial households or businesses, the normal business and shall pay social insurance premiums for more than 1 years. To give a one-time venture social security subsidies is not more than 5000 yuan; focus group founder of individual industrial and commercial households or businesses drive the employment of 3 people, and shall pay social insurance premiums for more than 1 years, to $2000 a year to drive employment subsidies; to drive more than 3 jobs, an increase of 1 per 1000 yuan to give subsidies, the annual total more than 20 thousand yuan subsidy shall not exceed 3 years.

in entrepreneurship training subsidies

"opinions" to encourage college entrepreneurship education courses into credit management, the implementation of flexible educational system, allowing students to remain in school for entrepreneurship. Explore the establishment of business credit accumulation and conversion system, the students will be converted into independent business credit.

entrepreneurial aspirations and requirements and training college students and workers in urban and rural areas have certain entrepreneurial conditions, entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship training institutions in the fixed-point simulation and obtain a certificate, 6 months to achieve employment and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship training subsidies given 1200 yuan by the local government; 6 months did not achieve employment by the subsidy standard of 60% subsidy.

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