What a small business to do a good job of poor children 2 dollars out of a 200 million net worth

along with the pace of the times to speed up the pace of life, the demand is also constantly improve, then what project is suitable for small business? Do not make a lot of money to success, why is it to see his entrepreneurial story, you can see the success of the elements can not find it!

What do

to repair the bike?

he was not what technology, unusually difficult to find a job, finally can only follow a teacher to learn to repair bicycles. At that time, his idea is very simple: art does not press people, learn some skills, can be mixed after eating rice.

The time to repair the bike for

What do


bold Liu Yudong with more than 10 thousand dollars, then came to the popular Lanling liquor distillery. The factory director turned him down. Liu Yudong was not discouraged, "he doesn’t serve me, I will not go," Liu Yudong recalled in the.

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