What should the nternet venture

a lot of people have a great interest in the Internet business, then the Internet entrepreneurs do, what should not do, you know?

three environment:

1 Internet is up, but the two derivative growth curve changed from positive to negative. What should be done after this point is not the same as what we did before this point. Investors and entrepreneurs to learn more about history, look at this stage what to do;

3 the first generation of Internet entrepreneurs most are still working hard, do not want to retire, do not want to do things outside of work.

and abroad is not the same, after successful entrepreneurs are retire to enjoy life, to do charity. EBay’s two founders, who had retired early to work full-time for charity, Bill · Gates, who retired from charity at the pinnacle of his career, and the founder of Google, slipped out of the surf as long as the weather was fine.

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