North China University of science and technology to join hands to build a college education practice

college students will face a huge change in identity, from the contact theory of learning life to practice and ability of social life. In this process, the University and the government’s intimate guidance, can make the process of change become peaceful and some.

1 7 in the morning, North China University of science and technology and the Education Bureau of Luannan county to build students’ social practice base, college students employment and entrepreneurship training base signing and opening ceremony was held in the Luannan County Education Bureau meeting room. Zhu Yong, deputy party secretary of the school, Luannan county Party committee, propaganda minister Yu Jun attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Luannan county government, the National People’s Congress, the CPPCC National Committee, the Education Bureau, the school Youth League Secretary Bo Jianzhu and other relevant leaders and representatives of teachers and students to participate in activities.

Zhu Yong on behalf of the Party committee to give the administration of North China Polytechnic University Students’ social practice, employment and entrepreneurship support of the Luannan county government, the County Education Bureau said, introduces the development situation of North China University of science and technology and social practice of college students employment work.

Yu Jun on behalf of the Luannan County four team speech, North polytechnic students and teachers for a welcome and thanks, hope to be able with the North China University of science and technology have more forms of exchange activities, and wishes the base to build cooperation.

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