Taiwan snacks hit 8800 yuan to join the attack can also operate 1 people

we eat a lot of snacks, but still feel that the new snack to eat better. Yesterday, you were drinking beer and eating fried chicken to look at the stars. Today, you are holding a bigger bomb than your face.

/ giant squid bombing

squid by plastic, peeled, pickled, wrapped slurry, powder and other processes, high temperature frying, and diners preferences spicy, seaweed, salt and pepper, cumin sauce, finished products publicity, golden color, sweet and crispy skin coke attractive, the meat is tender and soft elastic teeth, delicious juice. Are suitable for everyone.

squid perched on high seas bottom, pure natural, pollution-free, high protein, low fat, low calorie, high nutritional value, as abalone. Have nourishing yin tonic, moisturizing function.

advantage: the giant squid bombing

location is extremely easy: 5 square meters of shops, schools, stations, roadside stalls, Chaodeng can do, some people where you can do.

into extremely small: only 8800 yuan minimum fee, 50 thousand yuan less than the total investment, for tens of thousands of Yuan hot squid Yueli shop, every day thousands of water, like a street with atm.

Xiaobian experience:

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