The police station for help which is lead to trouble

in the temptation of interests, even if the illegal theft, there are still many people engaged. The police station for help, this is the trouble which? Now the thief tricks really much, followed by a small series together to understand the truth of the matter!


3 29, the thief ran out of money after the stolen money to eat, in order to fill the stomach feel lucky to the police station for help, the police investigation was caught stealing a glimpse of the thief. 29, the reporter learned from the South Bank of Chongqing police, the man has been detention.

3 27, Nanping Nan’an District police station police on duty Fei Junqin ready to go home and rest from work. Just to go to the door, Fei Junqin saw a young man wandering in the doorway. The young man gave Fei Junqin a look, there seems to be a secret sorrow. Fei Junqin also felt that the man was a bit disappointed, then stepped forward to ask if you need help. Young people look tired of Fei Junqin said, because no money has been for a long time did not eat, I hope the police can help him.

but then detection was not smooth, the police patrol track soon broke clues. Although the police to strengthen the plainclothes patrol force the months of waiting, but the 25 days have passed, and still nothing. Just when the police can not do anything, did not expect the suspect himself sent a recommendation

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