Three good ideas for you during the Spring Festival

with 2012 winter gradually to our goal, but also to the Spring Festival, often to the Spring Festival this day, happy days, many people have started to prepare for the new year, special purchases for the Spring Festival, this is a good time to make a big business! So, how to make big money between the Spring Festival? Here are a few good ideas for you!

"discount Wizard" hot

as more information, update fast, wide coverage, this "discount Wizard" especially by female consumers. The first in the online search, compare, and then what you want, they can buy their favorite goods, saves time and labor, consumers frequently patronize, making the site click rate rising. The overwhelming discounts in the festival, has become a new business savvy eyes.

"generation" service increasingly prosperous

28 year old Tang Qi spring festival with her husband to return to my hometown in Hubei, home to the "poodle" had her heart: fly back home, not with the dog counterparts; the couple had no relatives in Shanghai, to foster.

"fortunately, see online someone posting said in the holiday generation pet care fee is not too expensive." Tang Qi said that this generation of pet service to help her solve the big problem, in addition to kittens, puppies, many families have tropical fish, ornamental birds, green plants, holidays, travel need to find someone to take care of."

"blessing" economy potential

"Spring Festival to worship a pay New Year’s call early, good health, two times less difficult, thanks to three troubles away, four times around the happiness……" Today, the Spring Festival Spring Festival SMS message, becoming more and more mobile phone users during the Spring Festival is essential to life. Many sites have opened columns, launched

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