Suzhou’s public park was established to provide multiple services for female entrepreneurs

our business number is increased significantly, but the overall share of the proportion of women is still not high. Suzhou’s public park designed to provide incubation services for female entrepreneurial projects, stimulate the female passenger enthusiasm, promote female entrepreneurship process.

It is reported that currently the

, at or above the county level in the Civil Affairs Bureau of registration of the female social organization more than and 60, township (street) female social organization more than and 550, the record in the Civil Affairs Department of the village, the community of women "grassroots" conservative Organization statistics reached more than 7 thousand, compared with the number at the end of 2011 the organization to achieve multiplication.

women creating their own efforts, combined with sustained and effective policies to support entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial environment in a suitable atmosphere, we can gradually increase the female entrepreneurship rate and the success rate of entrepreneurship, let women hit off the show ambition.

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