How to choose the location of dry cleaning brand stores

location for a brand store is very important, only the choice of a good address, so easy to join the shop to start. So, if you open a dry cleaning brand franchise, then how to choose a better site? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

at present, with the gradual reform and opening up of national policy, China’s economy and people’s living standards are improving rapidly, people’s quality of life has been greatly improved. At this time there are many cases, people can have a lot of investment in the venture capital, thinking about what to do business, make money, have this kind of idea, appeared a lot of venture investment project, Anhui industry came into being. How to choose the site? Dry cleaning industry is a service industry, but also a sunrise industry in the future will be very popular.

1, high consumption area around and exit. 2, the central business district. 3, there are schools and hospitals, shopping malls. 4, convenient transportation, convenient parking place. 5, surrounded by 500 meters in the shopping district, there is no grade dry cleaners to join the chain brand. 6, residential residents have a strong sense of consumer laundry.

problem again, how to find such a good location? You can find a good shop through the following ways.

1, dry cleaning brand franchise how the site? They live in the city streets to find, there is no need to see the rental business, according to the left of the telephone to contact, to determine the specific situation;

2, friends recommend, let friends pay attention to shops, this way is reliable, but the amount of information is not common,

3, intermediary or specialty shops location, feasible, but need to pay a service fee, usually a month’s rent, their houses, but not very fast, see the staff’s sense of responsibility and diligence;

4, let dry cleaning brand franchising Brand Company professional site personnel to help find, effective and accurate, but need to join, if recognized the brand, or sign a contract to join, the best, the two sides can look carefully, the odds are.

The above is about the introduction of

dry cleaning brand stores how location, we hope to a lot of attention, only when the address, to join the shop to get a good income, want to join the shop, this is a good choice.

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