How to choose the purchase channels of adult supplies shop

is different from the general physical products, may go to a related wholesale market, you can find the right source, no longer, you can choose to purchase online. But if it is the operation of adult supplies store, because of the particularity of the goods, the purchase of the natural need to pay more attention, so as to ensure the normal operation of the store. So, the operation of adult supplies shop how to choose the purchase channel?

Beijing, an adult store owner Zhang Jie said, do this line of purchase channels is very important. If investors are not sure, the best choice to join the model, but must join the well-known brands, product quality is assured. If investors do not want to join, then the purchase must choose large brand agents. Some people say that the Internet is said to be a large number of brand agents, can not determine the authenticity of it!

Zhang Jie is a very simple, go to a regular store to buy some big brands of condoms, there are factory address, can be directly linked; two, compare prices, although Adult supplies high profit margins, but if the purchase cost is very cheap, basically fake, the normal sales gross profit level in this industry in about 100%, if the purchase price and the selling price difference is higher than this level, then it is likely that fake goods.

in addition, Zhang Jie reminded not to purchase from the shop and the factory. The former due to the proliferation of fakes, it is almost impossible for investors to buy the real thing, and once cheated, rights is also very difficult. The latter is because of the small size of your store, the volume will not be too much, the factory ignore you, or the price is too expensive. Even if you are able to meet the needs of the factory, the problem has come, the factory’s products are single, you open a retail store, it is impossible to sell a product!

adults are different from common products, now rampant fakes, even if there are some industrial goods, will have some impact, but the impact is not very significant, but Adult supplies if there are fake, or will cause far-reaching influence. For this reason, if you want to successfully open an adult goods store, you naturally need to choose the purchase channels.

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