Zhengzhou high tech Zone Three nternet plus double add hatching activity

The establishment of

business incubator, led the people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, provide better development opportunities for Small and micro businesses, people support entrepreneurship policies also need to constantly optimize the industrial chain, to establish the incubator system.

a herd of space staggered start, to enter the center for entrepreneurship incubation and acceleration, and then to enter the industrial park, until the 51 companies landed the new three board listing, in the evaluation of high tech Zone incubation ability released recently in the Ministry of science and technology, Zhengzhou high tech Zone ranked second in the country, second only to Beijing in Zhongguancun.

Zhengzhou maxspace, UFO public record space, love a passenger aircraft…… University of science and Technology Park in Henan, a variety of ideas, road shows, business plans, investors, the coffee cup in the collision between the capital and creative intensive land. Here brilliant, what ideas are!

if you thought possible, through the area more than 20 public record space "entrepreneurial nursery" preliminary cultivation, you can enter the business center of Zhengzhou hi tech Industrial Development Zone, 4 national incubators, Henan province 863 software incubator company 5 provincial incubator hatching depth and accelerate the growth of enterprises grow until after the beginning, you can enter the electronic industrial park, e-commerce Industrial Park and a number of science and technology park.


was constructed to promote scientific and technological innovation system of intermediary services and public service platform, the introduction of a number of risk investment, investment guarantee, technology finance, securities agencies and other intermediary services and animation creative public service recommendation

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