How to find the shop opened a clothing store

for people, life is inseparable from the basic necessities of life, so do any of these four businesses have money to earn. Open clothing store involves location, financing, purchase, sales and after-sales and other aspects, any one link may be considered to cause the investment chain rupture. Among them, the site is the most important, follow the following Xiaobian look at how to open a clothing store location!

is not necessarily the best

clothing store location? If you want to open a clothing store, where should start? The location of the store and the choice of goods is the magic weapon to win, these two well resolved, the store has more than 70% profit grasp.

in Guangzhou after the children participated in color training, from 2004 in November to start their own clothing store to prepare. The location of the wholesale market and her study is almost at the same time, Shenzhen and Guangzhou clothing wholesale market, Shenzhen Nanyang, she put the carnival to Guangzhou thirteen, white horse, Humen Fumin wholesale city shopping a lot of times, characteristics of each commodity wholesale city and prices done well. She also paid close attention to the transfer of information in the clothing store in Shenzhen’s major newspapers. In January 2005, she found a satisfactory position.

AI Tong Dianzhi did not start at the downtown Shenzhen Huaqiang North, because she thinks she is entering an unfamiliar industry, if at first settled in the downtown area, probably because the investment is too large and stumbled.

AI found this shop is located in a residential area of relatively concentrated roadside, surrounded by a row of fifteen clothing stores six. Sublet the rent is 2700 yuan per month, there is no transfer fee, the rent is paid quarterly, she signed a contract with the owner for the past 1 years. Although this position is partial, but AI Tong prior to the nearby several visits, found that this row of clothing store has existed for several years, in the vicinity of residential areas have a certain visibility, sometimes there are people who go to here for bargains.

attention to the choice of business district

clothing industry has always been a very hot industry, but also in the public when considering an industry, clothing store location is very important, it is important to determine the survival of businesses. Before the site, we must first determine the choice of customer base. Taking Beijing as an example, if the choice of 18-25 year old women as customers, shop in Xidan than in Dongsi right. Because although the same is the bustling commercial street, but the east area shops in 25-30 year-old white-collar women, the goods are excellent in quality, the price is relatively high; while Xidan in the face of the customer is younger, pay more attention to the choice of clothing styles, fabrics and workmanship are not for other details too picky. This is to pay attention to the concept of "business district".


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