Network buzzwords can also name

network transmission speed, coupled with such a free platform, so the birth of a lot of popular language, the "big pressure" is a. Do you have a big pear hill? This network buzzwords have been popular for many years, the so-called "pear" is the "pressure" homophonic, it is said that because Baidu Post Bar a wit will naturally or half unconsciously "pressure" into a "pear", attracted millions of people Post Bar imitation. The big pear hill has gradually become popular.

is now a fast-food restaurant Ningguo road immeasurably vast difference is also called the "big pressure", name up there are several definitions:

with the help of a network name for the new fashion, fashion, unique.

The second is the

duck authentic old duck soup, all kinds of vegetables, steamed duck fans, Roasted Duck, pear stew mainly features of dishes.

San San Shan from the literal homonym for the understanding of the great pressure, in line with the spirit of "no pressure, light life," the purpose of providing services to consumers. So the name mix was profound, big pressure because they have a unique style name, popular Ningguo road.

as a Chinese fast food, big pressure looks a bit like Kentucky decoration tone, business model and the present is similar to Anhui’s largest food fast-food chain fellow chicken, but the chicken duck, which, in the end who can fly out of the Anhui consumers have the final say. This shop business dishes, to duck, duck soup, duck fans, face a series of pot steamed dishes and snacks as the theme, and make a commitment for the majority of customers on the tongue: do the food with a conscience, not inferior oil, not expired materials, no illegal additives, do business on credit.

restaurant clean fast, and provide home delivery service. "No pressure on the wall, a picture of the light of life", a few ducks leisurely swim, a relaxed farm pond scene. Big pressure dishes can be a single point can also point package, a package of 20~30 yuan, rich in content, such as the beer duck packages, including a beer duck, braised duck, tomato and egg soup, pumpkin and honey dishes and one Steamed Rice, serving over the foot, especially recommend their home honey pumpkin red dates soft waxy, sweet entrance, rich nutrition.

in addition to the delicacy of duck, big pressure and Sauteed Beef with Chili Sauce and Hot and Sour Rice Noodles common snacks, and nutritious breakfast, per capita consumption of 10 yuan can also eat eat, interested can go to taste the diners.

of course, although the popular language of network can be used as the name, but it does not mean that can be used, after all, this is also a popular language of the time. How to choose what kind of words, also need to combine with natural products, so as to know their name is appropriate. < >

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