Do business for customers to think about


said many times, sales staff and customers are in the opposite position, however, if the sales staff can be a lot of customers think, this business can be more popular. A few days ago, I went to a mall to buy clothes. May be the reason why few people, a few clothes store staff are listless, the customer asked, they answer a, no enthusiasm. After visiting a few stores, the waiter seems to be such a contagious person, the author of the fun of shopping aside.

came to another shop, a young waiter warm and cheerful greetings to the author’s interest to improve some. Then, I heard her sweet and said: "you look at the first phase, which clothes I’ll give you a try." Used to look at some of the staff talk rapidly marketing, free choice of the waiter to the author to make people feel very comfortable.

I picked a few pieces of clothing one by one to try, the waiter has always been enthusiastic to help get clothes and try on…… Sometimes she will lose no time to say a few words: "you wear this dress is good, looks good." Not to mention, she occasionally uttered one or two praise is very useful, she always stood beside the service with a smile will not make people feel left out. I began to think of her as a friend, and kept asking her advice and suggestions.

when I choose the clothes checkout, the waiter said: the mall in the activities, the first recharge and then can be cheaper to buy a card, but also can receive gifts." See her so for the sake of customers, the author immediately in accordance with the way she said to pay the money, also received a gift. Although the gift is not very expensive, but it seems that the quality can be, more importantly, psychological needs have been met.

when I left, the waiter and said: "just my colleague said it was raining outside, you take an umbrella? I have an umbrella here as a gift!" In the cold winter, the waiter meticulous care so that the author’s heart suddenly warm.

"customer is God", is the slogan of the business often propaganda. In actual operation, some businesses did not stand in the customer’s point of view to consider the needs of customers, from the point of view of their own interests to promote the sale of goods, although temporarily sold the goods, but never lost customers.

once, I went to the pharmacy to buy medicine because of illness, because before eating some kind of medicine, the effect is not bad, so it is clear what kind of brand sales staff. Who knows the sales staff paid no attention to the author’s idea, "perseverance" has been sold to another brand of drugs. Stand up to the sales staff had to buy down the nagging. After eating a few days, the condition did not improve, had to go to other pharmacies to buy the kind of medicine they want.

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