Puzzle learning table into a new trend of small apple brand strength

children are innocent and lovely, have a very strong curiosity about things, like to play, if the child’s knowledge of textbooks by rote, it is obvious that the child will have a psychological conflict. In order to let the children do not lose at the starting line, many parents want their children to sacrifice a lot of time to play the cultural curriculum learning. Puzzle learning desk to become the darling of the market, Apple’s brand of this puzzle learning table in the market is very popular.

The difference between the selectivity of

adults and young children, led directly to the parent-child conflicts between parents and children. In fact, this small contradiction between parents and children, is not difficult to resolve. Resolve this contradiction, but also need to help young children’s early childhood smart desk to help. Small apple children’s learning table, will be able to speak, will teach children to draw the magic table. All the parents and Disney desk to deal with the parents exclaimed: this magical little apple children’s intelligence early learning table, both preschool teachers and children are good partners! In the end of this magical little apple early childhood intelligence desk what specific advantages, immediately asked Disney to learn the development of the center of the desk of the early engineer to come to us for a detailed answer.

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